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Mohammad Javad Moradi

1989 Shiraz-Iran
Painter , Designer
Bachelor of painting from Shiraz Art University

- Activities: - Painting group exhibition, Ev Artgallery, 2019
- Painting group exhibition, Pardis Mellat Gallery, 2018
- Solo painting & desing exhibition, Naranj Gallery, 2017
- Urban sculptures symposium, Shiraz, 2014
- Worked in Neshiman furniture company as Designer (2013-2018)
- Participated in “Nima memorial” exhibition (2011-2020)
- Participated in “All the Artist of City” exhibition (2012-2013)

- Participated in “Emam Reza National Festival” (2011-2013)
- Wall painting for Hejab sports complex, Shiraz, 2013
- Participated in “National Youth Festival” (Gorgan/2011)
- Ranked 3rd in “Laft National Design Festival” (2011)
- Elected in “State Youth Festival”(2011)

I am a completely independent painter, focusing on social issues and their impact on our lives. I chose to express my ideas through portraits and figures, emphasizing the eyes and lips with the characteristic red color that defines my style. Mural painting is another one of my specialties.

Welcome to my website, where I share my passion for art and my vision of the world. I believe that art has the power to inspire, to provoke, and to unite us. Through my paintings, I want to raise awareness about the issues that matter to me and to engage with others who share my values. Whether you are an art lover, a social activist, or a curious mind, I invite you to explore my gallery and to join the conversation.

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